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Leading provider of premium New & Used Pianos.

Imagine a flawless baby grand piano in the center of your living room for your family to explore the arts, impress company and new guests and add to the décor and overall feel. We go above and beyond to ensure that every single client that either buys a new or used baby grand pianos, has a piano serviced or moved from one place to another has the best experience possible. Our large inventory of traditional and digital grand pianos for sale gives every client the chance to find the piano of their dreams at a price they can afford. Call us today and see how A440 Pianos Inc. can bring the arts into your home or business.

About A440 Pianos
  • Furthermore, entry-level pianos won’t perform like its well-crafted counterparts or last nearly as long. Again, as with used cars, you need to be very careful when buying used grand pianos in Atlanta.
  • These expensive items last for years and you’re never sure how it was treated by previous owner, or how the salesman “fixed it up” just hours before you arrived.
  • However, when you’re buying from a reputable shop, you can be rest assured that this heavy duty musical instrument is in top performance shape and you have nothing to fear.
  • Used grand pianos are hand built pieces of art with years of dedication and craftsmanship.
  • All those who know about the excellence of these equipment’s know the significance of regular maintenance.
  • An average household piano should get tuned every five years.
  • Their maintenance comprises three basic steps to maintain the feel and sound of the piano.
  • Voicing affects the piano’s tone or quality of sound; regulation is the process of adjusting the action mechanism, which affects the touch of the piano, and tuning brings the piano back to concert pitch.
About A440 Pianos

Buying a previously owned item has advantages and disadvantages. For large mechanical devices there are many reasons why buying a used one can be advantageous. For instance, cars depreciate the moment they’re driven off the lot, and conversely many heavy-duty equipments can efficiently run for years if maintained in a proper way. When any well build equipment is regularly serviced and used properly it will perform just like new equipment.

Used grand pianos in Atlanta are large musical instruments and complex mechanical devices that will vary greatly in quality between manufacturers. Thousands of moving parts in pianos work in unison to perform a specific function. The overall design, the nature of components and the manufacturing process separates luxury pianos from entry-level pianos. Though both will allow you to play music, it won’t sound as good as it’s from a luxury counterpart.