Amazing School of Bosendorfer Grand piano




Mahogany maple


anton pokorny





  • Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes. Now it is not that it’s big, beautiful and all bling (alliteration intended). This piano is all of that. It looks like its come straight out of a fairy tale and one things for sure the kings and royals of yesteryears will definitely regret not having something this beautiful and all shines during their era. This grand piano is one of its kind . That makes it understandably worth at  least $25k . No points for guessing where this scintillating instrument (rather monument of sorts) dawns from…
  • The  cabinet  is  in  good  condition  with   a  few  minor scratches  as  to be  expected  for  a  130 Yrs  old  instrument.
  • This  piano  plays   but  could  use   some  adjustment  and  tuning  if  you   want  to  use  it  seriously  hence  the  extremely  low  price   for  such  beauty!
  • Serial  #545
  • Made  in 1880 ‘s
  • Size  6’7
  • Bridges, keys  and hammers  are  in good  condition.


Please note the once the piano arrives in your home you will have to tune it at your cost since pianos do go out of tune during shipping

Free local pick up
Nationwide Curbside delivery $995
In home set up price (consult us)

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