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This exceptional Pianoforte , completed at the Bosendorfer factory in Vienna Austria in 1898, has been reconditionned to  good playing condition by the renowned Czech  craftsman Julius Kulik. As an acknowledged world expert in antique piano restoration and lineage,Mr Julius Kulik work speaks for itself. Please review the attached photographs, which can only begin to demonstrate the luster of the fine German lacquers and beautiful hand-rubbed finish. To see and hear this piano is to learn about piano construction and the history of the world’s finest marque, and we encourage you to read on.

The rim is a rich brown  burled wood  cabinet with trim in light spruce as is appropriate for the period. The legs are the massive hexagonal style of the period, with German black lacquer on the round shoulders.

. The harp was cleaned . Most importantly, the soundboard made of course of the fine-grain Italian Spruce of a grade that has not been available since before WWII, . Since this component was built from selected trees of 200 years of age.


Finally, the beautiful hand-carved music stand is exceptional and specific to the period. It has been carefully refinished and rewards a close inspection.

Boesendorfers were built to stand up under the legendary hand of the man considered by many to be a defining force of the modern piano – Franz Liszt. The result of his relationship with the Bosendorfer company is a piano that performs like no other and the double escapement action, having been totally reconditioned with German components and carefully adjusted, is a pleasure. The hammers retain their leather cover, resulting in a strike that is not heard in the modern-day instrument. This grand old lady does not disappoint.

We have   the  largest  collection  in the  USA  of  Bosendorfer  at  prices  strickingly  low  since  we  find  them and  import  them for you  without  using  any  middle men.


Along  with this  instrument  , please  choose  one of the  following :

free matching  color  bench

free Yamaha  or  Steinway  bench( color  might not  match  but  comfort will!)

See pictures  in listing  for more  info.


Please note the once the piano arrives in your home you will have to tune it at your cost since pianos do go out of tune during shipping

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