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  • Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes. Now it is not that it’s big, beautiful and all bling (alliteration intended). This Swarovski piano is all of that. It looks like its come straight out of a fairy tale and one things for sure the kings and royals of yesteryears will definitely regret not having something this beautiful and all shines during their era. This Swarovski-Bosendorfer grand piano is one of its kind and visibly so as it has been plastered with 8,000 hand-cut Swarovski crystals, making it the sparkliest piano. That makes it understandably worth at  least $2.5 M (  Various  appraisal puts it  at   $4 to 6M ). No points for guessing where this scintillating instrument (rather monument of sorts) dawns from…
  • Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, USA, the Swarovski Piano by Bosendorfer is a stunning example of luxury piano building. At it’s heart is a legendary Bosendorfer Artisan Collection grand piano – wrapped in a cabinet that would have delighted the royals of yesteryear. 8000 hand-cut crystals adorn the piano’s cabinet in a fairytale design that can only be accented with a metallic silver finish and gilded legs. A masterpiece inside and out

8.000 cristales de Swarovski cortados a mano.

El Bösendorfer modelo Swarovski es literalmenteun instrumento que brillante como una chispa y enciendecada habitaciónCada piano está adornado con 8.000 cristales de Swarovski cortados a mano que danluminosidad a este, el más valioso de BösendorferEl sonido Bösendorfer único subraya impresionantemente el exterior del instrumento de una manera maravillosa.

Ludwig Bösendorfer draws the first sketches of the Grand Piano 170 for the highly cultured salon society of Imperial Vienna. The result is an enchanting instrument for the private cheerful gatherings of the bourgeois, and nobility. More than a century later, this Bösendorfer Grand still enjoys popularity. A true Bösendorfer Sound experience even after more than a century of music’s history
Made in Austria
Bösendorfer Grands are not just an object of investment but of value that will last more than one generation. Our skilled Bösendorfer Artisans reveal the inner beauty of the Bösendorfer sound, unique in colour, dynamics and expression. Perfected throughout generations. It takes the dedication of our Bösendorfer Artisans for up to a year to build your Bösendorfer Grand. A personal touch that you will sense the moment you play. Austrian quality, Viennese soul.


Please note the once the piano arrives in your home you will have to tune it at your cost since pianos do go out of tune during shipping

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