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1991 YAMAHA C3 6′ GRAND PIANO,  great price for a high quality Yamaha Grand Piano, chosen by pros and teachers as the best in its class with a great tone, quality precision parts, high quality finish, and a great buy . Why not get one of the best pianos possible? A great piano for Church, Teacher, and serious student. Perfect gift that will say “I Love you” for decades to come and will give back in the form of beautiful music, creativity, and precious memories. For the person seeking quality and beauty at a great price.


Hammers and action  parts  are  excellent. ( See pictures)

Perfect  soundboard( never  cracked  or  repaired!)

One  private  adult, non  smoker  owner.

Cabinet  is   Gorgeous  , Sound  is  superb( not  bright  just  right) what  an  addition  to  any  room…


Please note the once the piano arrives in your home you will have to tune it at your cost since pianos do go out of tune during shipping

Free local pick up
Nationwide Curbside delivery $995
In home set up price (consult us)

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