Incredible Bosendorfer Grand piano








   Historical   instrument, one of the  very  1st  one  made  by the  world  famous  Austrian  factory
 Made  in   1860  during  a   long  cold  winter  in  Vienna  Austria  for sure!
  • Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes. Now it is not that it’s big, beautiful and all bling (alliteration intended). This piano is all of that. It looks like its come straight out of a fairy tale and one things for sure the kings and royals of yesteryears will definitely regret not having something this beautiful and all shines during their era. This -Bosendorfer grand piano is one of its kind . That makes it understandably worth at  least $25k . No points for guessing where this scintillating instrument (rather monument of sorts) dawns from…
  • The  cabinet  is  in  good   superb condition
  • New  bass  strings  just  installed.
  • Size  6’6
  • Soundboard no cracks  , bridges, keys  and hammers  are  in good  condition.


Gorgeous BOSENDORFER grand piano

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