Rare GEM WK 2000 Oriental Keyboard. (wk 2)







Atlanta, USA


Very   difficult   to   find   one   in this   excellent   condition   all around!
For those who used GEM before, the WK2000 is a modified version of the WK2 which looks exactly like it but with added rhythms. The WK2000 has great Arabic rhythms (and other oriental rhythms like Kurdish, Turkish…etc.), however, it lacks good sound quality compared to the contemporary brands like the  Roland  or Yamaha. Despite having approximately 400 sounds, what you really get is 100 sounds duplicated 4 times. The internal amplifier has poorer quality compared to the previous WK2. The floppy disk is an obsolete component, I wonder who has a floppy drive in his computer anymore. In terms of quality versus the US$ 1,200 price tag, it is a good investment for beginners and hobbiests. If you are a professional, look for something else.

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