Kawai EP 308 Electric Grand Piano With Yamaha cp 70 pedal







Atlanta, USA


Electric Acoustic, Grand Piano


This piano has real strings, hammers, etc. and the exact same weighted keys and action used in Kawai concert grand pianos.

It also has an internal pickup system and electronics so it can be plugged in and amplified through speakers or plugged in directly to a recording interface. For recording, miking the hammers and also recording the direct signal is fantastic. It has built-in stereo tremolo, an effects loop, and balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4 inch stereo outputs.  Very similar in design and function to the Yamaha CP70 and CP-80 electric pianos.

The tolex  is  immaculate

Acoustically, it is not as loud as most other pianos. And, with the lid closed, it could be played in an apartment or similar setting without disturbing others.

The piano is quite heavy, but it is designed to be effortlessly tilted up on its side by one person and then rolled easily on the built-in wheels. These pianos were designed for touring and are rock solid. The original power supply cord and sustain pedal are included in the sale.

This piano was purchased new in 1985 for $16,000. Plug that number into an inflation calculator, and you will begin to really understand the quality and craftsmanship that went into building these pianos.

Please note the once the piano arrives in your home you will have to tune it at your cost since pianos do go out of tune during shipping

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