Vintage Kawai EP 608 Electric Piano







Atlanta, USA


Electric Acoustic


Very  difficult  to  find  one  in this  excellent  condition  all around!

Because it’s a real piano inside, you have to tune it; because it’s one string per key, tuning it is not such an ordeal and you can DIY If you’ve seen/heard a Yamaha CP-70/80 it’ll give you an idea what this is, but my take is the pickups and tone of the Kawais are superior.It has electronic pickups in it with stereo outputs in the back as well as an effects patch in/out. It also has built-in tremolo and 3 different settings for the clean sound of the keyboard. The case transforms into the stand for the piano––a pretty clever design.

It’s in pretty good condition. All the inside piano mechanics are clean and in working order, except that the action is beginning to show signs of the piano being stored a long time in the 90 degrees vertical position (that’s how it packs in the case for transport) and not being played enough.  The electronics work perfectly, the original power supply still rocks, and it sounds fantastic. It’s a fun and rare piece of 70s keyboard lore and I loved owning it.

What it does not include are the small cross braces it originally shipped with. I bought the piano without them, used it on tour as is (with a lot or rock-n-roll vigorish) and I never had a problem with stability

Comes with original parts including:
Sustain Pedal w brace
Power supply

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